Friday 10 April - Monday 13 April, 2020


Outback Cycling Easter is a multi-day mountain bike stage race from Friday 10 April - Monday 13 April 2020. Racers will self-seed at the start of each stage. Those riding the Midi race will depart 20 minutes after the Full racers.

Within a couple of kilometres, riders will be rolling on single track in the heart of Central Australia. This race aims to expose riders to the most beautiful outback landscapes all via single track. Alice Springs is privileged to have both technical and flowy single track. 2020 will include some new, epic trails that have never before been included in the OC Easter. Let’s just say that there will certainly be more A and B lines for 2020.

Due to the two options of the Full and Midi length races, OC Easter is suitable to all riders with a reasonable level of fitness. OC Easter also offers a Single Stage option for the Full or Midi. After each stage, grab your race mates and entourage and head to the organised social events. With the races starting early each morning, you can take advantage of the days exploring the town of Alice Springs, nearby waterholes, and 4WD tracks.

This event:

  • Showcases the unique mountain biking environment and trail network of Alice Springs

  • Exposes visitors to the natural bushland that surrounds the outback town

  • Celebrates the local people and riding community of Alice Springs

  • Is a festival style event that aims to bring people to centralised areas around town, including the town centre and the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Mountain Bike Trails.