Outback Cycling Easter in the Alice is a 3-day, 3-stage race format.

FULL - Full race riders can expect to ride roughly 120km over 3 days.

MIDI - If you’ve always wanted to try a mountain bike stage-race, but aren’t quite keen on clocking up all the kilometres, the Easter in the Alice Midi option could be perfect for you. Midi-racers can expect to ride around 60km over 3 days.

SINGLE STAGE - The Single Stage event will take place on Monday 22nd April during the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Stage 3. Single stage riders can select to ride the Full distance or Midi distance.


OC Easter Stage 1 Terrain Map w logo.jpg
OC Easter Stage 1 MIDI logo.jpg

OC Easter Stage 2 Terrain Map w logo.jpg
Outback Cycling Easter Midi Stage 2

OC Easter Stage 3 Terrain Map w logo.jpg
OC Easter Stage 3 Midi