Useful Info About The Alice

Alice Springs is quite a long way away from anywhere.  But it's easy to come and see us.  Qantas and Virgin fly here every day from most of the major cities.  If you have time, you can drive up.  You could come on the The Ghan, Australia's iconic rail trip.  If you really have a lot of time you can come by camel.  Which incidentally is how everything used to get here in the early days.  Everything came in on camel trains.  Anyhow we'll give anyone who does the trip on camel a free entry.

There are a number of firms running transfers to and from the airport, including shuttle bus, taxi and hire cars.  The airport is about 20 km south of town.

Alice Springs has a population of just under 30,000 people and is fully serviced.  You can get pretty much anything you want here.  It's just like being at home… except sunnier, and there's 200km of single track only 5 minutes from your doorstep, and people smile and say g'day, and there's no traffic, and you can see the stars and milky way at night.  You get the picture.

There are two major supermarkets (Coles and Woolworths) and about 10 smaller independent supermarkets around town.

We have a range of restaurants and cafes around town and a well developed network of bike paths.  So getting about is easy.

If you require any bike servicing, equipment or apparel, Outback Cycling is located in the heart of Alice Springs at 6/63 Todd Street Mall. They will be open extended hours over OC Easter, too.